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Find Here Best Treatment of ACNE Skin Disease

‘’Acne’’ is very common problem faced by every second person of the country. Mostly teenagers group are the main sufferer of acne problem. Because puberty stage have lots of hormonal changes events, that is the major cause of acne as … Continue reading

What are the Uses of Docetaxel Injections?

Docetaxel is a drug belongs to plant alkaloids category of anticancer drugs. This medicine is indicated in the treatment of various types of cancer like metastatic prostate cancer, neck cancer, lungs cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, head cancer, ovarian cancer, … Continue reading

What are the forms of Injections?

Affy Group of companies provides great platform for Injections manufacturing in India. We manufacture various forms of injections: Liquid injections, Powder for injections, Lyophillized Injections of superior qualities with our team of expertise. What is Oncology Injection? Oncology medicines are … Continue reading

What are the Types of AntiFungal Medicines?

Antifungal drugs are the medications indicated for the treatment of fungal infections like ringworm, athlete’s foot, vaginal thrush, severe dandruff which commonly occurs on skins, hairs, and nails. There are many types of antifungal medicines, mainly they are classified as … Continue reading

What is the Use of Erythromycin Tablet?

Erythromycin belongs to the category of macrolide antibiotics. This drug is indicated for the treatment of various types of infections caused by various bacteria. Erythromycin drug is only efficient to treat bacterial infections not efficient in treating viral infections. Mechanism … Continue reading