What are the Uses of Docetaxel Injections?

Docetaxel is a drug belongs to plant alkaloids category of anticancer drugs. This medicine is indicated in the treatment of various types of cancer like metastatic prostate cancer, neck cancer, lungs cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, head cancer, ovarian cancer, bladder cancer, melanoma, pancreatic cancer etc.

Prostate cancer

Mechanism of action of Docetaxel Injections

Docetaxel targets the cancerous cells and inhibit their growth and stop them from multiplying themselves rapidly.

Side effects of Docetaxel Injections

Docetaxel medication having some side effects also, but not all people will get them. These side effects are:

Nausea, vomiting, low blood counts (WBC & RBC), diarrhea, soreness of mouth, loss of hairs, fatigue, tiredness, weakness, Infections, colour change of nails, pain in muscles, pain in joints, pain in bones, decreased platelet count, skin allergies like red patches on skin, itching, swelling, rashes etc., black stool, painful micturition, weight gain, difficulty in breathing, uncommon bleeding, pale skin and eyes, swelling in stomach and ankles etc.

Precautions with Docetaxel Injections

  • Like all anticancer medicines docetaxel also needs high precautions. If you are going to start the docetaxel chemotherapy, must make sure that you are not allergic to the active ingredient- Docetaxel, and also with other inactive ingredients used in finished product.
  • Strictly avoid any kind of vaccination or immunization during this medication.
  • Docletaxel medication is strictly not applicable in pregnancy and breast feeding conditions. You can use this medication during pregnancy as it has very hazardous effects on fetus.
  • Also avoid this medication during breast feeding, as this drug secretes in mother milk.
  • If you are already on this medication, avoid becoming parents.

Docetaxel is only formulated in the form of intravenous injection, oral dosage forms of docetaxel is not available. Many anticancer medicines manufacturer like Affy group is involved in manufacturing of such types of formulations. They are the manufacturer of anticancer injections in India like docetaxel injection.

Source: Uses of Docetaxel Injections, Side Effects and Precautions

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