What is the Use of Erythromycin Tablet?

Erythromycin belongs to the category of macrolide antibiotics. This drug is indicated for the treatment of various types of infections caused by various bacteria. Erythromycin drug is only efficient to treat bacterial infections not efficient in treating viral infections.

Mechanism of Action of Erythromycin

Erythromycin acts by inhibiting the synthesis of protein in causative bacteria cell. As a result of interference in protein synthesis, the growth of bacteria gets inhibited and results in death of bacteria.

Side Effects of Erythromycin

Like all the drugs, Erythromycin have some common side effects like:

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, poor appetite, poor digestion, abdominal pain, tiredness, dark urine, muscles weakness, blurring of vision, hearing issues, liver disease, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, rashes, itching,  breathing problem.

Along with common side effects it also has some severe side effects like:

Seizures, severe skin allergies, hallucinations, elevated body temperature, yellowing of eyes and skin, etc.

Precautions with Erythromycin

  • If you are going to initiate the erythromycin medication, be sure that you are not having any type of allergic reactions to erythromycin or any other antibiotics.
  • Need extra care and precautions if it is used by a pregnant women or breast feeding women.
  • Consult to your doctor before starting this medication if you are pregnant; also avoid this medication while breast feeding conditions as it is secreted in mother milk.

Erythromycin is mostly formulated in the form of tablets, capsules, dry syrups etc.

Numbers of pharmaceutical companies are involved in the manufacturing of different dosage forms of erythromycin, one of them is Affy group who is involved in the manufacturing of erythromycin tablets in India, as well as capsules and dry syrups for third party manufacturing, contract manufacturing, generic manufacturing and export manufacturing.

Source: Side Effect and Precaution of Erythromycin Tablet – Macrolide antibiotics

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